Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beer Sheva's Holocaust Memorial


The United Nations decided that January 27, the day on which Auschwitz was liberated, should be the International Day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust.
Israel has its own day, in the spring, to remember the Shoah.

This is Beer Sheva's memorial square "to remember the victims of the Holocaust."
The four words written in Hebrew are from the Book of Esther 9:28 and mean
"Their memory will not fade from their descendants"
or in a different translation,
"The memorial of them should not perish from their seed."


William Kendall said...

A poignant, sad memorial. The passage of scripture is appropriate.

Hels said...

Their memory will not fade in our families and communities, but it may have already faded from the world at large. I suspect the world can only remember one genocide at a time - who remembers that in Cambodia, 3 million people were exterminated by the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot; another 10 million people murdered in the Congo under King Leopold II of Belgium.

Can public sculpture help our memories? Not sure, but history courses in school and university can, as can national memorial days and synagogue/church services.

Gosia k said...

Yestersay was 71st anniversary when the Auschtwitz was liberarted so it was a special event there, I believe irid does not happen again here in Poland

crederae said...

I think art can help remember the holocaust. art is a tremendous focal point.

I am so proud to have documented my fathers ww2 history. He was in the navy escorting ships across the atlantic and without this life line the allies wouldnt have won the war.

I am proud that I have this secondary aim to remember the war veterans in general.

My father lost a young brother that was on another ship. He was close to his brother and he carried the wound for live.

love and peace to you Dina and I offer my prayers.

crederae said...

I went to the art gallery last evening and there was an exhibition from Germany during the war of war victims.The nazis had burned 16,000 paintings but these had survived. I have never seen such powerful art these art peices could only have emerged in Nazi Germany.through art the heart of humanity speaks.

Alice said...

My heart is sad for every one that lost a family member in the war.

Kay said...

It's so very sad...