Saturday, September 17, 2016

Moon over Meitar


The moon gets so big so quickly, no?
This picture of the crescent moon with some planet under it is from just two weeks ago, and tonight our moon is full and harvest-y. 

You see people in Meitar's athletic field, a grassy soccer field surrounded by an oval running track. 
On the left is our new "Culture House" and next to it Meitarim School. 
You can click a few times to enlarge the photos. 
(Linking to SkyWatch Friday.)


Kay said...

Very nice, Dina. I'm glad you have a new computer now.

Cloudia said...

Thinking of you beneith the same moon. Shalom, Dina

Come Away With Me said...

How amazing to see that same crescent moon in the same position with the planet under it that I noticed from my house a couple of weeks ago, only I did not take a photo. I guess that makes sense, we are more or less on the same latitude here I think. It was a striking sight at the time. So glad to be reminded of that loveliness again by your photo.

Alice said...

Beautiful night photo Dina

Dorothee said...

beautiful sky moments! thanks for sharing. have a lovely sky week~

crystal said...

Great photos. I don't know how to get my camera to do night photos, but they always looks so dramatic.

William Kendall said...

Peaceful by night, Dina.

Jackie @travelnwrite said...

Nothing more beautiful than a harvest moon, is there, Dina? Happy week ahead to you.