Thursday, January 19, 2017

Red clay tiles waiting


It is just speculation on my part, but it seems that red tile roofs are a status symbol in Israel. 

This was my first time to see such a roof in its "becoming" stage. 
The clay tiles were in neat little stacks, just waiting for Shabbat to be over so the roofer could start to lay them. 

A whole new neighborhood is being built in my town in the Negev. 
You can see here that the street and houses are still under construction.  (With two clicks you can open the photos to full size and see better what I men.)
(My neighborhood is up behind those trees on the hill; it was the first part of Meitar to be built, in 1984.)
Almost all the new houses have flat roofs, except for these two here in the photo with the sloping roofs. 
The red one sticks out like a . . . like a status symbol. ;-)

UPDATE: Just found this article in Haaretz:
"The rise and fall of the red roof: Israel's white picket fence."



Cloudia said...

We have the Spanish tile roof here in Marin.

William Kendall said...

Those tile roofs would be quite a rarity here. I don't think they'd do well in our winters.

Hels said...

I hope that the new roofs will all have solar panels inserted.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I think the flat roofs suit the surrounds so much better Dina.. the tiled, peaked roofs stick out like a sore thumb, maybe if there were more of them 😊

Alice said...

I have never seen a tile roof in Maine, here a lot of metal roofs so snow can slide off in the Winter. Interesting photos Dina

Kay said...

The clay tiles are supposed to last longer in Hawaii, but they are heavier and more expensive. I like the looks of them though.