Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hiking the forest on Tu BiShvat

Hello again.   Happy Tu BiShvat!
Today on the Hebrew calendar it is the 15th of Shvat, which according to ancient Jewish law is considered the birthday or New Year for our fruit trees.
In modern Israel it has become a happy day of going out into nature and enjoying the now-blooming wildflowers, and some groups plant young saplings.
As you see in this photo, the leafy trees are still in their winter leafless stage, but spring will soon come!
Our town is lucky to have the Meitar Forest right in our "backyard."
Many of us were out hiking in the hills today.

At one picnic spot we chanced to meet this couple.
They came from the American Midwest to hike the Israel Trail, which goes right through our forest.
They did not camp right here but had only put up the tent to let it dry from the morning dew while Turkish coffee was being boiled.
Good luck to these brave young souls!

Gotta love modern technology -- charging the cell phone with solar power!

You can learn more about Tu BiShvat customs (there is even a seder meal!) in my previous posts.
And there is more about the 950-kilometer-long Israel Trail, including a map, in these other posts.


William Kendall said...

Going out in those woods is a good way to spend that day!

Alice said...

Happy Tu Bishvat to you also Dina. A nice day to take a walk in the Forrest.

Sandi said...

What an adventurous couple! A wonderful thing to do when you are young.

Had to chuckle at the solar-powered cellphone charger. Not quite roughing it! ;-)

Petrea Burchard said...

Love the phone charger!

Hels said...

Chag sameach! Those solar panels are a very clever idea.

Come Away With Me said...

You found some adventurous young Midwesterners on your walk in the forest. I'm sure they are enjoying the sunshine over there. Love the phone charger - what a great idea. Happy Tu Bhisvat to you, Dina. I like that the trees are honored with a special day in Israel.