Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A spooky whirling skirt


Ben-Gurion University is having a very unusual exhibition right now.
"Tzena Urena" is a group exhibition focusing on Israeli Jewish women's responses to their religious and female identity.

Watch Zipora Mendel's "The Twirling Movement of a White Skirt" in my little video clip.

Here is an explanation!
You can enlarge the photo if necessary.
I was the only one in the exhibit and being there alone with this whirling skirt was a bit spooky.
UPDATE May 18: On the subject of white shirts, here is something funny from today's Haaretz:
(For ABC Wednesday.).


Sandi said...

I couldn't get the video to work, but the photo looks very cool!

Alice said...

The swirling of the skirt is beautiful.

Hels said...

It reminds me of the Whirling Dervishes.

Anonymous said...


Roger Owen Green said...

very interesting, and strange

Greensboro Daily Photo said...

It is so fabulous. I always learn something from you, Dina.
I hope to meet you someday.


Melody Steenkamp said...

Interesting Dina, I love skirts

Melody (ABC-W-team)
Preview Round 21

crystal said...

Nice swirly skirt! It reminded me of Cinderella's skirt ... https://youtu.be/LhftrDQdLMc

William Kendall said...

I agree with the spookiness!

Petrea Burchard said...

Such an interesting piece.

Kay said...

The twirling skirt is definitely interesting. Strange though.