Saturday, January 20, 2018

Winter skies, winter tree


It's definitely winter now in Israel: rain clouds, bare branches, and jackets.
And fruit is growing on the sabras.
A picture from our trip to Zippori in the Lower Galilee last Wednesday.
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William Kendall said...

Wonderful contrast, Dina.

Stanley Hattman said...

Looks more like Spring in Rochester, NY.

Alice said...

Looks like Spring in Maine Dina

Karl Demetz said...

No snow, Dina ?
(I just saw snow-white dunes in Morocco)

Dina said...

Yeah, well, Israel doesn't have really serious winter.

Karl, there is snow on Mt. Hermon in the very north. "Moshav Neve Ativ operates the nearby Mount Hermon ski resort, which has 25 kilometers (16 miles) of ski runs on the slopes of the 9,232 feet (2,814 meters)-above-sea-level Mount Hermon."
from Wiki
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Sara Lorayne said...

It seems to me that the fruit on the sabras around here was ripe a couple of months ago and is now starting to fall off. We have such similar climates; I wonder what the difference is. It's nice to enjoy some cooler weather finally.

Kay said...

It's hard to tell it's winter with all that greenery around.