Thursday, March 1, 2018

A 21st C Purim Spiel?!

Today is the happy holiday Purim!
It's also our monthly CDP Theme Day and City Daily Photo bloggers are busy interpreting the idea "play."
I'm going to try to link the two by using PLAY as a noun.

Purim Spiel is the Yiddish term for the boisterous plays, sometimes even mini-musicals, that are thought up and put on every Purim.
So Spiel, pronounced shpeel, means a play and in Europe Jews have been keeping this Purim custom for centuries.

In Meitar this afternoon the Scouts put on a whole carnival. (More about that later.)
On stage was Tooti the Superhero.
Instead of  Esther saving her people from wicked Haman, we had Tooti, a woman with super powers, saving humanity from some kind of alien invasion (or something ...).

Here's a tiny video so you can hear as well as see our modern little Purim Spiel:

Happy Purim!
UPDATE: Here are nine life lessons we can learn from the Purim story of the Bible.


Sandi said...

Happy Purim!

William Kendall said...

A happy Purim to you! Good take on the theme, Dina!

Hels said...

I came out of the house last night, past the shule in the street behind, and came across 23945780234957219580982 children in fancy dress costumes for Purim :)

Chag sameach

Alice said...

We celebrate : ) Chag sameach

Jim said...

Great for theme day

Tom said...

...Dina, thanks for information about Purim.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

It works well for the theme Dina. The video was fun to watch.. happy belated Purim ✨
P.s. rest assured the sculptures only stay on the beach for a couple of weeks ☺

Kay said...

Happy Purim, Dina. Tooti looks a bit like Wonder Woman. Of course Gal Gadot is Israeli, isn't she?