Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Stamped on our memory


Israel came to a standstill this morning during the 2-minute memorial siren at 11:00 commemorating our 23,646 fallen members of the security forces and 3,134 victims of terrorist attacks. 

Israel Post describes the new stamp issued for Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day: 
This stamp features a poppy/red everlasting flower and a military dog tag engraved with the words "we shall always remember" [lenetsach nizkor] against the background of a tombstone with small rocks placed on it by loved ones who visited the grave.
The tab features the official IDF symbol and the symbol of the Ministry of Defense Families and Commemoration Dept.
May their memory be for a blessing and may God console the many bereaved families. 
This information is so interesting. But sadly, so long.
For more about Yom HaZikaron please see my previous posts.


Alice said...

My heart goes out to families who have lost loved ones .

William Kendall said...

Fitting to pay homage to them.

Jackie Smith said...

What a beautiful tribute to fallen heros . . .

Ida said...

Yesterday we watched the celebrations of the Independence on TV i24. Impressive show.
Also read today an article about the heroic defense of kibbutz Be´erot Yitzchak in 1948 when Egypt attacked the kibbutz and so few could stand against such big army. Israel will live on. (read with the help of Google translate)

Kay said...

That's a beautiful memorial stamp. So sad. When will it end?