Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Return of the rain!

The sweet smell and feel of light rain finally returned to the Jerusalem Hills. We have not seen any rain for about half a year, which is normal. That's why it is so exciting to see it now, in its season. Here are some scenes from yesterday's walk through the woods, down just two terraces from my house.
The acorns and the olives were all wet and glistening.

The cypress had bright leaves, "bombelach" (cones), and even yellow flowers.

The thirsty lichens seemed to be drinking it all in.

Pines were dripping.

And the swirled wood of the ktalav (Arbutus) was even more shiny and smooth and dramatic than usual. (My earlier posts about this manzanita tree are here, here, and here.)
Let's hope and pray lots of rain will fall this winter.


Petrea said...

It looks beautiful, Dina. I read an article about Israel's drought. Very serious. I hope for much more rain for you.

TSannie said...

You learn something new every day! Never thought oak trees grew anywhere but North America!
Your photos are lovely.

ichandrae said...

la vie en rose.

p.s. you are a beautiful poet beautiful Dina.

Shimmy Mom said...

You have my prayers for lots of rain. Your pictures are beautiful and that tree is amazing!

ER said...

I love going for long walks in the rain: rain on dry concrete is one of my favourite smells!

GMG said...

Hi Dina! Rain is not well spread around the world... Great to hear that you got some!!!
I bet you won’t discover where Blogtrotter has landed, until you get there to see… ;) Enjoy, comment and have a great week!

Gemma said...

I came from abcwednesday. You have alot of the same vegetation that we do here in Arizona. Manzanita is one of my favorites along with the Olive trees.

kaybee said...

Thirsty Jerusalem receives a refreshing.

Beautiful photos, Dina!

JC said...

So glad Israel is getting rain. Hope you get lots of it. The pictures are great. Thanks for posting the picture of the olives. They were green when I was there. I would love to be there at harvest tme.

Jan said...

Yeah, for rain. We sure need some here, too. Love your photos.

Dianne said...

wow so beautiful, love the tree!

I wish you much rain :)

Rambling Woods said... rain for 6 months..Hard to imagine that as we have plenty in NY state..

Kay said...

Oh so beautiful, Dina. Do you get to eat the olives?

True. True. You are a poet, in word and spirit.

the donG said...

it's good that in the philippines, it's quite gloomy. raining sometimes just enough for the plants and the trees to live.

Webradio said...

It's raining again... (a song of Super Tramp !)

You have fruits in Your photo... What sort ???


we had a little bit of rain some time in the beginning o fthe moneht, then it left us - i love the rain myself, i can never get enough of it

Lucia said...

It is so beautifuly, almost mythical!