Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Redeemer church restorations and reflections

R-Day at ABC Wednesday

Regretful rethinking of plans was called for this morning.
I had come to the Old City for a haircut but found all the Muslim places of business closed.
Then I heard loud booms and realized (hoped!) that it was from the Muslim ceremonial canons.
Right! It was Id il Adha holiday starting today!
Redeemer Church was right near, so I went in.
Its bell tower is the tallest structure in the Old City and the view must be great.
But the only way up is by a narrow spiral staircase. Sorry, I can't do that, not even for the blog!
Yay, work is going on down in the bottom!
The present church was dedicated in 1898 by Kaiser Wilhelm II. But under it are medieval remains of the Church of St. Maria Latina. It was first built in the 8th century by Emperor Charlemagne.

I'm anxious to see what they do with it.
Please enlarge the photo to read all the sponsors and plans.
Reflected in the door of a chapel is the cloister.
The two-storied cloister is the best-preserved in Jerusalem.
Once the fighting Crusader monks of the Hospitaler Order of St. John lived there.
The cloister and the courtyard are a green oasis of peace and quiet in the middle of the bustling Old City.
The bell tower and dome of the German Lutheran Church of the Redeemer.
And way behind it, on the crest of the Mount of Olives, is the tall tower of the other Lutheran church at Augusta Victoria, named for Kaiser Wilhelm's wife.
Id mubarak to any of you celebrating the holiday today.


  1. Bonjour dear DINA!
    wow The first picture is AWESOME! Impressive tower in this church, it's wonderful!
    And there is a beautiful bench there!
    REGARDS and great choice for this R letter theme!

  2. We must keep what we have received in the condition (or better) than we got it, so that we can pass it on others.

  3. Dear Dina!
    Two Lutheran Churches in Jerusalem! You teach me something new each time I read one of your fascinating posts.
    Did you get your hair cut that day?

    Best wishes,

    Annas ABC-Wed-rd-7-R

  4. I bet they'd let me into that grand church as I'm a "card carrying" Lutheran!
    : - )

  5. Beautiful images, I barely remember this church, maybe I have some pictures somewhere.
    I'll gladly get the lovely bench!

  6. Oh thanks, Dina! Both my old hangouts in the same post! Memories... I even lived at both places for a while, helping out. Nice one!

  7. Hi Dina, beautiful pictures and interesting post.

  8. Hi Dina! Wonderful choice for R. Redeemer is a beautiful word, in Dutch we have the word "redder".
    Have a great haircut!

  9. Leia, merci. Yes, it's a good old church, except that in the 1970s the sanctuary was redone and was stripped of almost everything "superfluous."

    RuneE, I love your attitude and philosophy of life.

    Anna, no I STILL need that hair cut.
    Last Monday I went to the Old City and also found the haircutter's closed. I learned that Monday is their day off.

    Leif, you'd feel right at home in their English or German service. Maybe. Come and try it.

    VP, I think it's because Protestant churches are less memorable than the others.
    Ha, knew you'd like that bench.

    Rob and Mandy, do you have a blog somewhere of your volunteer years?
    I'm thinking I should start one about my 11 years as a vol on 3 continents.

    Hi Karl. Thanks. I really enjoy your photography.

    Wil, redder, eh?
    The Church of the Redeemer is called in German die Erlöserkirche and in Hebrew כנסית הגואל ‎Knisiat HaGoel.
    Haha, yeah, if I ever find the haircutter open. Today there was a big handwritten note in Arabic on his closed shutters. What can it mean?
    I'm tempted to start chopping on my own. Can't stand hair in my eyes. :)

  10. Melting the inside out, the outside within - great pictures indeed. Please have a wonderful Wednesday.

    daily athens

  11. Beautiful! And I really like the angle of the first photo.
    Wish you blessed days in Jerusalem, hugs from Tania

  12. You always find the coolest things. As soon as I can sneak away we have to go walking through J'lem together!

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  13. It's a very beautiful church. Ummm... I wouldn't do the climb either. I'd send Art up with my camera. :-)

  14. Redeemer, my church! And yes I've climbed to the top, it's exhausting but worth it.


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