Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jerusalem Cinematheque

Welcome to Jerusalem's wonderful Cinematheque.

While you wait outside one of the screening halls for your film to begin, have a seat on the plush chairs all in a row.

Or sip a coffee in the corridor.

Each table has a different scene from a famous old movie.

Or stand outside on the patio by the row of flags and watch the Old City wall turn golden in the setting sun light
From Mt. Zion you can see just how big the red tile roofed Cinematheque is.
The green is the Valley of Hinnom.
Behind, to the west, is new Jerusalem.
See a historic photo of the building at the website, long before the Cinematheque renovated and moved in in 1981.


richies said...

What a wonderful place to see a film

An Arkies Musings

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Very classy! It's good to see something pleasant and enjoyable happening in or near the Valley of Hinnom, considering its ancient history.

mirae said...

hello beautiful Dina,well in this scenario one could go home fulfilled after going to the movies even without ever seeing the movie.

Reader Wil said...

I like the table tops representing scenes of old movies!

VP said...

This is a fantastic place! I am not sure those seat can be considered a bench, but I'll take the risk!

Pietro said...

The Jerusalem Cinematheque is an attractive place to watch a movie, beautiful the landscape from Mt. Zion.

Kay said...

That really does look like a wonderful place to visit. Relaxing.

Spiderdama said...

Looks wonderful located in a beautiful place. Should have something like that here, yes .. even if I never see the movie .. I just fall asleep, hehe.

Eki said...

From the roof you showed in the picture, it looks like a huge cinemateque! How many theaters does it have, Dina?

I think the biggest cinemateque in Bandung has 12 theaters in it. I might have to check it again though. I haven't been to the movie for quite a while.

Irina said...

I am sure you had great time watching treasures old movies.

spacedlaw said...

I'd love some of these tables!