Saturday, April 26, 2014

What are they thinking?


OK, just one more grandkid picture and then I'll stop.
This photo, taken by my daughter, Naomi, is too touching not to share.

After leaving Israel late Tuesday night and flying for 12 hours, the family arrived in Korea for a welcome 24-hour stay in Seoul.
Looking out their hotel window, are the kids gazing westward and missing Meitar in the Negev?
Or are they facing southward, thinking of the second 12-hour flight that will take them back to their other home in Australia?
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Reader Wil said...

yes what are they thinking? I found it difficult to know what my grandchildren think until I got the chance to speak with them.
Thanks for your comment. I heard that our king will change the way his birthday is celebrated. In the past his mother had decided to visit two towns on the 30th April, her mother Juliana's birthday. Her own birthday is on the31st January so too cold for a public holiday.

Patsy said...

You know they will miss you very much.

Sara said...

That is a wonderful photo. But wow, I had no idea it takes 24 hours, with a stop in South Korea en route, to get from one to the other.

yael said...

i deleted all the posts with my grandkids pictures and started all over again. it took me 2 posts to go back to the kids. what does it says about me?
i am not commenting on blogs becouse i am not sure about my english so my blog has only few readers and i am free to blog about boaring things:)

Dina said...

Yael, grandkids are such a part of our life, why not blog about them?! Please don't worry about English. We understand fine what you write.
Shavua tov.

Adullamite said...

A great shot!

William Kendall said...

Quite a view from there, Dina.

Nadege said...

It must have been really hard to see them go but with FaceTime, Skype… it is so much easier to stay in touch. You are as much in their minds as them in yours.

Suzanne said...

Really nice photo. I didn't know it was such a long trip either. OY. I think photos of grands are appropriate anytime. Wish I had some (grands that is).

Kay said...

This is such a poignant photo, Dina. I'm thinking they are definitely missing their grandma and wondering what she's doing.

toby said...

Gorgeous photo! I have a feeling that there's a combination of your two options going on here :)

And I agree - you can never have too many grandkid photos!