Saturday, June 7, 2014

Feast for the jackals?

So there I was, wandering in the desert outside Meitar, all footloose and fancy free (1).
Sometimes when I hike alone and find nothing special to photograph I ask God to send a sign or  just a little token of friendship.

But this one almost knocked me off my feet! (2)
First reaction: Oh, poor goat! 

But what was God trying to tell me?
That he has a bone to pick with me? (3)
That I should go down on bended knee? (4)  (Wait, Jews don't kneel.)
Or did he just want to pull my leg? (5)

Down the road a piece I found shoes and a pair of jeans laid out at the base of the trail marker.
All this was giving me cold feet (6) and I decided to shake a leg (7) and head home.
1.  able to do whatever you want without any obligations
2.  to surprise or shock someone so much that he does not know what to do,
3.  to want to talk to someone about something annoying they have done
4.  to show a lot of emotion when you are asking someone for something, to act like a servant
5.  to fool someone, to trick someone, to joke with someone
6.  to become afraid and hesitant about something at the last minute
7.  to go fast, to hurry
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  1. All, waaaay to spooky to me.
    I like all of your wonderings about what God was trying to say/do/tell you. Pretty good sign I'd say.

  2. Half-eaten goat legs and abandoned jeans and shoes . . . it all seems to be about legs and feet . . . I hope you find more pleasant and comforting things next time!

  3. This is starting to sound like the makings of one of those horror films involving hideously deformed Amway salesmen with a grudge.

  4. A very funny post. Yesterday's was a funny post too. Literally!

  5. I am glad I got right most of these idioms. As you probably know, I do not like jackals...

  6. God works in mysterious ways, my friend.


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