Sunday, April 5, 2015

An open cave


It being Easter on the Western Christians' calendar, I thought I would hike to my Christmas cave and see if anything had changed.
The "door" was open, blocked only by spring flowers and a tall thistle.
No rolling stone.
The cave was empty.
And silent. 

Almost hidden by the new spring growth.
I trampled down the thistle and entered into the mystery. 
Happy Easter to all you friends out there who are celebrating today!

Pope Francis gave a wonderful homily at the Easter Vigil last night.
(Go to the link for the full text.)
Here are my favorite parts:
“To enter into the mystery” means the ability to wonder, to contemplate; the ability to listen to the silence and to hear the tiny whisper amid great silence by which God speaks to us (cf 1 Kings 19:12).
To enter into the mystery demands that we not be afraid of reality: that we not be locked into ourselves, that we not flee from what we fail to understand, that we not close our eyes to problems or deny them, that we not dismiss our questions…
To enter into the mystery means going beyond our own comfort zone, beyond the laziness and indifference which hold us back, and going out in search of truth, beauty and love. It is seeking a deeper meaning, an answer, and not an easy one, to the questions which challenge our faith, our fidelity and our very existence.


cieldequimper said...

Happy Easter/Passover and happy day period. :-)

Spiderdama said...

Good words! And I like your cave

Cloudia said...


Pietro and Cynthia said...

Great words by Pope Francis.
Greetings, Dina

Birdman said...

He has risen. He's not here.

Gerard Michaud said...

I am using my Husbands account .
Hi Dina, I love your blog, and I like your cave. I have a question? Have you been to Masada? If so can you post photos please. Masada has a special meaniing for me.

Dina said...

Shalom Alice. Thank you.
Sorry, but I have not been to the top of Masada for several decades. I will try to go down to the Dead Sea soon and go up on Masada and get you some pictures.

VP said...

OK, it's an open cave...

crystal said...

Happy Easter and Passover, Dina. I haven't listened to the pope's homily yet but the bits you quoted sound good :)

Gerard Michaud said...

Shalom Dina,
Thank you

Sara Lorayne said...

Beautiful words from the Pope. I hope the Mystery whispered in your ear! A blessed Passover to you.

William Kendall said...

It looks like a quiet place.

William Kendall said...

To Alice: I have seen a Masada post in the last week or so in one of the blogs I follow. I'll post a link for it a bit later on this evening or tomorrow here.

William Kendall said...

Here's the link:

Petrea Burchard said...

"Almost hidden by the new spring growth.
I trampled down the thistle and entered into the mystery."

Now that's writing! Bless you, my friend.