Sunday, May 24, 2015

Both count 50 days: Pentecost and Shavuot, both today!

It is a double celebration today, with Jewish Shavuot and Christian Pentecost coming on the same day.

Today Jews celebrate Shavuot, also know by its Biblical names Chag HaKatsir, the [wheat] Harvest Festival, and Yom HaBikurim, Day of the First Fruits.
By tradition today also marks the day of King David's birth and death.
But mainly Shavuot is Zman Matan Toratenu, The Season of the Giving of our Torah.
Seven weeks (shavuot = weeks) have passed since Passover.
It took 49 (+1) days of wandering in the desert for God and Moses to prepare the People for the the biggest day in history.
In today's morning prayer service Exodus 19-20 is read.
All rise in silent reverence to listen to the Ten Commandments with the feeling that we all are standing at Mount Sinai.
The scroll of the Book of Ruth is also chanted, in loving memory of David and of Ruth, his Moabite ancestor, the mother of all converts.

In the dim recesses of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a priest and his reflection.
What almost looks like a flame above his head reminds us that this Sunday is Pentecost for some Christians.

The Book of Acts says that the Apostles were gathered together in one place [in Jerusalem's Upper Room] when suddenly a sound came from heaven like a rushing wind, filling the entire house where they were sitting.
Then tongues of fire appeared and one sat upon each one of Apostles!
They were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Chag sameach, happy holiday  to you, whichever festival you are celebrating today!
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Birdman said...

Interesting 1st shot. Without the horizon line I would sweat that it might very well be a person's hairshot. Nice haircut!

Dina said...

Birdman, so maybe that's where the expression "flaxen haired" comes from. From the color of flax stalks. :)

Spiderdama said...

The Old Testament says that everyone in the beginning spoke the same language. The people decided to build a high tower (Tower of Babel) that could reach up to heaven, but God destroyed the tower and gave people different languages. Thus they could no longer talk to each other nor cooperate to complete the project.
In Pentecost, the opposite happens: Now all people is understanding each other, at least when we talk about faith..
The Holy Spirit is for me an expression of God's presence.

I love the first alive

VP said...

Chag sameach! Happy holiday to you, Dina!

cieldequimper said...

I'm a bit late in the day to wish you a happy one, as usual...

Kay said...

Between the Jewish and Christian holidays, it must keep everybody busy everyday of the year in Jerusalem.

William Kendall said...

Hopefully this was an enjoyable day for you! Terrific shots, Dina.

Dina said...

William, yes, it was my first time to see Ascension on the Mt. of Olives and it was wonderful. Afterwards my nun friend took me to another place on the Mount of Olives, the (Russian Orthodox) Monastery of the Ascension. See pictures in my two posts:

Kay, you're right. And not to forget the Muslim holidays too.

Ciel and VP, thanks!

Spiderdama, thanks for contributing your good explanations. You make it so clear. :)

Czereśnia A said...

Beautifull Dina!

Gerard Michaud said...

Chag Sameach! Happy Holiday, Dina

crystal said...

Happy belated Holiday :) Great photo of the lamp/flame over the priest's head. I like the gospel of John's different Pentecost too, where the Holy Spirit get breathed on the disciples.

Bergson said...

happy day for you

Suzanne said...

I love when these two holidays are together. Always mentioned in my Pentecost Sermon. Love the little flame above the priests head!!!

Bill Nicholls said...

Never realised it was that day, I have lost my way

Tom said...'s nice that the two days coincide in this divided world of ours.

Jim said...

There needs to be more unity.