Saturday, April 9, 2016

Not such a pleasant ride this time


A cool reflection of a single street light pole, but a sad story for my Beer Sheva to Meitar bus.

About 10-15 minutes out of Beer Sheva, last Wednesday, a passenger went up to our driver and said a window was broken and that when she had gotten on the bus she saw the glass was damaged but now the glass was starting to fall out.
When the driver got to a stopping place on the busy road, he stopped.  
It was the bus stop just outside of Omer.
He took a look.  He asked if there were any witnesses.  No one had heard anything hit.
So no one knew when or where it had happened. 

You see the tiny hole on the bottom?
Could it be a bullet hole?
Or is that how it looks after someone throws a rock?
I don't know because--miraculously maybe--I have lived in Israel many decades and have been spared first-hand experience with such events.

Our driver telephoned Metropoline and asked whether to continue driving or not. 
No, they would send another bus to collect the many passengers.
People asked what happened, some got on cell phones, everyone looked at their watch, and then we all sat quietly and just waited;  I myself felt a bit like like a sitting duck.
Finally, 20 or 25 minutes later we were let off.
Someone foolishly pressed on the pane and more glass fell out; there goes the evidence.

Soon the replacement bus came and within ten minutes our same driver got us to Meitar, my town. 

Good wishes (and how to pronounce them) in the languages most heard here in the Beer Sheva area: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English.
Let's hope so . . .
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  1. I'd be inclined to think a rock- or more than one rock.

  2. Hi Dina, it looks as if someone threw a rock at the bus.

  3. May you always continue blessed and safe!!! Hashem keep watching over the land

  4. I don't know what it was but I'm glad that no one was injured.

  5. Good grief! That is darn scary. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

  6. I am in Israel most years and have come across only one catastrophe, and it was from a distance. Once spouse and I were in a Jerusalem hotel looking down along a major road after two buses full of school children were blown up. The army, ambulances, Red Cross, frantic parents and police were everywhere ... a nightmare that lives with me still.

    My niece was a waitress at the Sbarro restaurant restaurant. She lost eight friends that night and was never the same again.

  7. Friends, thank you for your good thoughts here.

    Helen, I'm very sorry to hear that.

  8. Scary! Vandalism is really disheartening. Stay safe.

  9. Crystal, shalom. Here it is not really "vandalism" but terrorism instead.

  10. I had a similar experience on a bus in the Jordan Valley... Glad you are safe and only a bit late!


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