Thursday, May 12, 2016

A heart for our Air Force


Our community of Meitar was treated to a flyover at noon today in celebration of Israel's Independence Day!

Several formations came over low and fast right above my street.

A Boeing showed how they do in-flight refueling of fighter jets.

Strange how a white heart appears at the wingtip in this photo!
(You can enlarge it with a click or two.  See it?!)
A sure sign of our love for the Air Force and for all our boys and girls in uniform.
Happy 68th Independence Day, long live our little country!
UPDATE:  Just published--a first-hand account of the turbulence endured by the press photographer assigned to the Hercules cargo plane (in my 2nd photo).  But he got great aerial photos of Israel!


Gosia k said...

great show

William Kendall said...

Terrific captures!

Kay said...

I see it! I see it! How did that happen? How exciting to see the show.

Karl Demetz said...

Great air show, Dina !