Monday, June 19, 2017

I want a Russian dollhouse!


The most delightful booth at last week's Jerusalem International Book Fair was this Russian one with do-it-yourself scale models! 
I visited on the next to the last day and as you can see, eager Israelis had just about emptied the shelves.   
All that was left to buy was a small church, a truck, and a bridge. 

The nice sales rep from St. Petersburg was quite proud of the little wood-burning stove that goes into the fantastic dollhouse.    
See a close-up of the stove at the website. 
And here you can read all about the dollhouse. 
The "Clever Paper" publishing house makes a zillion different models--there is even a medieval series.  And not expensive.   Take a look! 
Amazon sells them too, under the name UMBUM. 

Soon the engineer, whose brainchild all this is, came over and they showed me how the UMBUM construction works--you just snap the pieces out of a flat card made of hard, solid binder board  and put them together (they call it "splicing the details") per the printed instructions. 
It is supposed to be for kids over three.  
I think WAY over three!  I would love to build some! 
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Lady Fi said...

What a lovely dollhouse!

Sandi said...

How cool is this???

Hels said...

I wish I spoke Russian.. whatever words I learned in childhood disappeared 50 years ago *sigh*. I would loved to have seen the Russian exhibition.

Karl Demetz said...

What a nice dollhouse, Dina !

Steven Que said...

That doll house is so beautiful! I mean, I have always been a lover of miniature things, these doll houses included!

Greetings from the Philippines!


K V V S MURTHY said...

Fantastic dollhouse.

William Kendall said...

That is cool!

Kay said...

Oh my! That is really awesome. I'll bet you've got a little granddaughter who would love that.

Alice said...

That is really pretty Dina