Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Our yearly Night Run (in the sun)


Our yearly Meitar Night Run got underway just after 7 pm. 

Some parents ran together with their sons and daughters. 
Long shadows in the setting sun.  

The runners rounded this roundabout and ran back to the center of town, up hills and down hills. 

On the uphill, into the strong still-hot glaring sun, some of the less-inexperienced participants had slowed to a walk. 
The other, marathon-type, serious joggers would run for hours into the night on longer routes.  
I was happy just to stand still and take pictures and admire other people's endurance. 
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William Kendall said...

Very long shadows by the looks of things!

Ann said...

It is for a special cause? I like walking in 5K's thats the limit.

Dina said...

Hi Ann. No, no special cause for this one. But sometimes we DO have walks and races for specific causes, like this one:


Melody Steenkamp said...

How brave they are to undertake such a run!!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

That's pretty cool. I would enjoy taking photos, too. :-)

Alice said...

Every one looks happy. I would be on the side lines cheering every one on : )

Roger Owen Green said...

nice annual event


Gunn said...

Nice & fun :-)

Kay said...

And you know Art would be itching to join them.