Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zero degrees C in Jerusalem tonight

I braved the driving, freezing rain this afternoon to go up to Jerusalem.
An American friend is here on a whirlwind guided tour and this was the only free hour she had.
The group's Inbal Hotel enjoys a view of Mount Zion.
That is the church and bell tower of the Dormition Abbey on the horizon.
Here is the Dormition up close. The basilica was dedicated in 1910.
Pastor Suzanne dragged me out into the cold and wind and rain to visit the Old City and, just outside the Old City, Mount Zion. All for night shots.
Can you tell that my friend is a photo blogger? :-)

Hagia Maria Sion, as the Dormition is also called, is an abbey of Benedictine monks.
Their website is in German and English.
For more pictures and info you can also click my "Dormition" label.
Jerusalem is beautiful by night!


Cloudia said...

Strange to think of cold nasty weather in Jerusalem. How much we learn from your posts, Dina, even as the photos charm us.

ShAloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Leif Hagen said...

Dina, your friend was very lucky that you could meet up and take a spectacular night tour! Awesome!

crederae said...

solemn and beautiful.
Have a wonderfully designed day Dina as usual.


Chuck Pefley said...

More wonderful architecture. These buildings look so solid and substantial, inspiring awe to whomever sees them.

I'm having trouble picturing Jerusalem at the freezing mark. Somehow that just seems terribly wrong. I expect you may feel the same way. Do most people have adequate heating for conditions like this?

Stay warm.

Ann said...

0 degrees - ouch. The abbey is a beautiful building.

Pietro said...

Wonderful night shots, Dina.
Jerusalem is really charming, by night even more.
Did you see Berlusconi round there?........

Ann said...

Can't imagine the land of Jesus has zero degrees.

Anonymous said...

great night captures

VP said...

I have seen snow in Jerusalem only in pictures. I'd like to join your night tour even in the rain...

JM said...

Wow! I remember you had 24ÂșC not long ago!... Great night shots!

Suzanne said...

Thank you Dina, it was a glorious and rainy night.