Monday, August 1, 2011

Postcard-worthy Hills of Jerusalem

The dry Jerusalem Hills of summer.
The Jerusalem Hills are a hilly region in the Judean mountains, with Jerusalem nestling in the middle.

"This region is blessed with some 100 springs, in the valleys between the hills and on the hillsides. Most of the springs flow from cracks in rock formations and every one of them is a celebration of nature.
Many of the hillsides have ancient terraces built on them, silent testimony to ancient agricultural efforts.

Scattered among the hills are also the remains of agricultural settlements from the First Temple period (3,000 years ago); such as Khurvat Kfar Sum, farm houses and agricultural systems from the Second Temple and Roman-Byzantine periods, such as Sataf and Ein Khandak; and Crusader sites such as the church at Abu Ghosh, the Tsuba fortress and the Ein Khemed monastery.
The Jerusalem hills also have many sites commemorating the fierce battles waged here in the 1948 War of Independence, such as the Kastel in Mevaseret Tsiyon and the Burma Road."

From GoIsrael. More about our Hills at their webpage.

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Dina said...

Shalom friends. It is a blessing to have all this nature and history and archaeology just a 5-minute walk from my house. I hope you will come and join me on a hike someday, in person.

VP said...

Not so sure about the hike, but I really hope I will be back in Eretz Israel sooner or later!

Leif Hagen said...

What a promising pretty postcard photo!
I'd love to bring a long treats and beverage for a Jerusalem Hills walk with you someday, Dina!

Julie said...

So many different layers to your postcard photograph, Dina. You have set it up incredibly well. What are those ball-shaped flowers in the foreground? They are violet, otherwise I might guess a thistle.

Tanya said...

wow, you are lucky to have this right in your backyard! beautiful!!

*Honest Abe said...

Interesting post. It would seem like a good guide would make a visitor feel right at home in history.

Spiderdama said...

It is a celebration of nature!
I will be back (maybe in November)

Kay said...

Love your postcard photo, Dina. I looked at the Daily Photo site, but missed seeing your there. I hope you get more rain.

Rob and Mandy said...


Nathalie said...

what a great scenery. I'd love to go a hike up there.

Dina said...

Hi everyone. Wouldn't it be fun if you could all come here at the same time?

Julie, I think you are right, the blue balls are the last stage (usually in June) of the thistles.
They are everywhere, so pretty!

Kay, the next rain should be around October, after the dry season.
City Daily Photo does a sweep every so often, and then the new posts show up.

Irina said...

I would like so much to hike in and around Jerusalem. Great place, great photos!

ρομπερτ said...

How peaceful a sight. Feels as if nature knows a bit more than me.

Please have a good Tuesday.And yes, it would be a joy to be able to visit your country one day.

Kay L. Davies said...

So beautiful, Dina, and the history gives me delicious shivers in my arms.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Eki said...

This is an interesting piece of information to include in a postcard, Dina. I didn't know about those springs. But after reading this, I think they can be one of the reasons why Jerusalem has been a strategic point for those who want to rule the surrounding areas.

It's a postcard-worthy photo too.

Arija said...

The wonder of the green hills of Jerusalem awash with wildflowers. What a contrast to the normal rocky outcrops and arid land one normally sees from the region. Just so lovely and soothing.

spacedlaw said...

A few purple dots
Weaving colours into gold.
Flowerey hedghogs.

diane b said...

I never knew Jerusalem had springs. A nice landscape.

Dina said...

Friends, your warm reactions to the land warm my heart.

To my favorite poet-blogger Spacedlaw, thanks for the wonderful poem!

Diane, actually the historical (small) Jerusalem had only one spring--Shiloach/Siloam/Silwan. That's why the Romans had to build great systems of aqueducts and tunnels and pools to bring water from near Bethlehem.
The hills surrounding Jerusalem do have many springs.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That is a very postcard worthy picture Dina, and the thought of walking amongst all that history and archaeology would be a dream, maybe one day.

Birdman said...

This is a very soft and textured image today. Inviting too for a stroll or romp.

Suzanne said...

A beautiful postcard shot Dina. I'd love to receive or send a card like that.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Love the photo...a scene close to my heart. It does make a pretty postcard.