Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Location, location

An unusual view of the famous old YMCA from the back.
The tall tower and the dome are part of the Y.
In back of it you see the venerable old King David Hotel.

But what's the big new building going up next to the YMCA?
The round sign on the fence says King David's Crown.

The eight-story crown-shaped residential building will have 200 apartments with underground parking and a tunnel to a new sports complex being constructed by the YMCA.

A 1.25-acre park designed by Israeli sculptor Adani will be artistically illuminated at night and include waterfalls and canals. It will be open to the public, they say.

Here's King David's Crown and the Y seen from the other side, from Keren Hayesod Street.
Take a virtual tour of the project at their website.
Look at these prices for an apartment, in millions of shekels!
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Rob and Mandy said...

Not bad at all!

Hels said...

I like what they said about the location: near the King David Hotel, adjacent to the YMCA Centre and a short distance from the Old City and the Wailing Wall, the Great Synagogue, David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem Theatre etc. Pretty classy spot!

Adullamite said...

I saw a football match in the ground behind the Y. Jerusalem Betar played Petah Tikveh. I can say that Jerusalem were not Bettar!
Interesting day out!

Dina said...

Adullamite, indeed, the huge plot of land behind the YMCA, now being built on, was once Beitar Yerushalayim’s soccer field and training center.

cocomino said...

I learned a lot because I'm an architecture engineer.Thank you for sharing.
The project seems good.

RuneE said...

It seems like quite a project. I hope they are careful with the use of water for the waterfalls, though - or do you want to borrow some? ;-)

Pasadena Adjacent said...

first two photos remind me of downtown LA

VP said...

House prices aren't yet going down over there?

Dina said...

Shalom friends, I love your comments.

VP, prices of buying or renting dwellings are only going up all the time. That's what started the on-going protests in our cities' street and the protest tent encampments.

Kay said...

It sounds like it's going to be very beautiful with the waterfalls and lights.