Sunday, November 13, 2011

A most modest Bailey bridge

The annual Jerusalem Houses from Within weekend was Nov. 4-5.
However, buses stop running for the Sabbath; in fact, in my little village the last bus comes through at 2:30 pm Friday and the next one is not until Sunday morning.

So, not having a car, I decided to walk to the Shabbat guided tours in the nearest place, Ein Kerem.
Counting the getting there and back and the walking inside Ein Kerem, I clocked 7.5 hours on my feet.

The best way to go is a lonely path through the woods.
Here is the trailhead for the Hadassah Trail.
The signs in the photo indicate that part of the way, it is also the Jerusalem Trail.
You can see it is pretty rough, especially after a recent rainfall that brought loose stones.

Shvil Hadassah has signs telling you what you are looking at or where you are.
Dial the number, press 14, and you get a recorded explanation of site #14.
Hmm, too bad I don't have a cell phone.

The Hebrew on the sign has no vowels so I had to guess what it said.
Gesher Bali -- the Bali Bridge?
But wait, we're not in Bali and I don't see any bridge.

Then I figured out that it probably meant to say Bailey bridge !

Oh, OK! Right under my feet!
A little Bailey bridge sitting on the ground, a gishron.

To the left was a gully leading down from the Hadassah nurses' and students' residences up on top of the mountain, so I imagine run-off during rainy season necessitated the "bridge."
Finally, something (albeit small) to contribute to Sunday Bridges!


VP said...

The most unusual entry for a Sunday bridge theme...

Rob and Mandy said...

Oh, that's what it's called. That's a very nice walk you had there!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed learning about the Bailey Bridge...good for you with your 7 and a half hours of walking!

Spiderdama said...

Nice story! Picture no 1 looks like it could be any plays in my Grimstad:-)

Kay said...

Very cute and very original! Good going, Dina.

Francisca said...

A fabulous entry for Sunday Bridges, Dina! Wow, nearly eight hours walking, that's a HIKE!

J Bar said...

Good one.

Kim, USA said...

Huh that is super duper new information for me. Thanks Dina!


Anonymous said...

What an adventure !

Respect for the many hours walking. Please have a kind start into the new week.

Ann said...

we have many Bailey bridges in Borneo because we have many small rivers.

Fran said...

That is great - loved this post. And I do so love Ein Kerem, a favorite place. Good for you with the long walk and all too!

Cloudia said...

And I thought I was a great walker!

How delightful to walk along with you, Dina

Aloha from Honolulu

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Reader Wil said...

It certainly is a bridge!