Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bus #3 to Mashhad

I needed the expert services of the sandlar, the shoe repairman, in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City today.
So I took the tram all across Jerusalem, from Mt. Herzl in the west to the Damascus Gate station in the east.

The city recently opened a new Arab bus and mini-bus terminal right next to that same tram/light rail station.
The routes seem to be mostly to the Arab towns and villages in the West Bank.

I photographed this particular sign for two blog-friends from Mashhad, but a different one, a real city,  in another country.


VP said...

We almost have an Arab quarter, but they aren't any good with shoes...

Petrea Burchard said...

I often think fondly of our friends in and from Mashhad, and hope they are well.

Green said...

Thank you very much Dina. So kind of you.

RuneE said...

Aha - a sandlar must make sandals!