Friday, October 5, 2012

A Jeep's underside exposed


Ever wonder what the underside of a Jeep looks like?
Here's your chance to see it in the mirror.

The guys visiting the AgriTech exhibition in Tel Aviv were drawn to it like to a magnet.
[Hmm . . . maybe I should have put away the camera, feigned interest in the car, and gone over to mingle.]

Israelis seem to use "jeep" as a generic name for any big 4 x 4 vehicle.
Some models of the locally assembled "Storm" Jeeps are the most popular here for off-road fun.   Wikipedia says
 The AIL Storm ( סופה‎, Sufa) is an Israeli  manufactured off-road vehicle and the workhorse of the Israeli Security Forces. The series of Jeep Wrangler based vehicles have been produced by Automotive Industries Ltd. in Upper Nazareth under licence from Chrysler since 1990. The vehicles fill a number of military roles, including that of armoured Infantry Mobility Vehicle, and certain models are available for export as well as for the civilian market.
The beautiful Negev and Judean deserts make up about half of our country, and almost none of our open land is privately owned or closed to travel.
Unfortunately for the land maybe, but luckily for the 4 x 4 drivers,  freedom to roam off-road is well established.

The heavy government taxation on fuel and cars makes the cost of maintaining a jeep in Israel many times higher (when normalized by income)  than in the USA.
(A post for Weekend Reflections meme.)


VP said...

We mostly use the same term 'jeep' for most 4x4 vehicles. The cost of this kind of car is also very high here, but we see a lot of them around anyway...

Audrey said...

Joli coups d oeil ;o)

bon w end !

Spiderdama said...

Cool picture! A mirror, so smart.
I think it is much 4x4 in Norway, but I have no idea if it is expensive..

Happy weekend Dina:-)

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Oh yes, guys love looking at the underside of jeeps and trucks.

'Tsuki said...

I'm really not kean on this SUV fashion.

In France, in have normal roads to go wherever we need, so those 4x4 vehicule really interest a fist full of people (une poignée de gens ? Peu de gens, quoi), and those who really can be interested to use such cars, like farmers, rather have old car like mine (super 5 renault, Peugeot 205, 4L Renault, etc.), cause they are light they are very stable, they don't cost a lot (insurance, gaz, spare parts for reparing, etc.), they are (almost) indestructible, the mechanic ont them is quite simple and anyone can do repairs on it with a good book...

And in fact, most of people who buy SUV / 4x4 are city people, which is quite stupid, cause air in town is already so polluted... Most of people who buy those things nevers user them to go in countryside, cause they dont like countryside... It is mostly for showing they've got a big car ; they are specially happy when they are stucked in goslow, because they feel like they dominate the others cars.

It's a show-off car, shiny and expensive.

But the reflection you caught is really interesting. I'm happy to learn you went into one of those agriculture show... I'm very fond of agriculture ; but I guess there were a lot of people to this show, so I wouldn't have like it, though.

See you on tomorrow bible reading...

Cheers !

Hilda said...

And our "jeepney" is its poor cousin.

That underside doesn't make any sense to me at all.