Sunday, October 14, 2012

Different meanings of horn-raising

For this week's PsalmChallenge group effort, here is Psalm 75.

1. For the leader; al tashheth. A psalm. Of Asaph. A song.

2. We praise You, O God; we praise, as Your name is near. They recount Your wondrous deeds.
3. “Indeed, I will set a time; it is I who will give judgment uprightly.
4. At the tottering of earth and all its inhabitants, it is I who keeps its pillars firm.   Selah.
5. To the boastful I say, 'Do not be boastful'; to the wicked, 'Do not raise a horn!'” 
6. Do not raise your horns on high, speaking with arrogant neck,
7. for neither from the east nor the west nor the wilderness is (one) raised;
8. indeed, it is God who gives judgment; He brings down, He raises up.
9. Indeed, there is a cup in the LORD’s hand with foaming wine fully mixed; from this He pours; but its dregs, all the wicked of the earth drink to the last drop. 

10. As for me, I will forever declare and sing a hymn to the God of Jacob.

11. “All the horns of the wicked ones I will cut off; but the horns of the righteous one shall rise.”
Translation: Rabbi Benjamin Segal 
Sculpture by Michal Bein, at the Musical Instruments art exhibition at Mamilla Mall, Jerusalem. 


Spiderdama said...

Beautiful art to illustrate this psalm.

Wish you a happy Sunday:-)

VP said...

The sculptor was trying to save on bronze...

Birdman said...

Yes! A fine trumpeting of the psalm this morning.

Kay said...

This is such a beautiful art piece, Dina. Have a wonderful Sunday.

'Tsuki said...

This translation is completly different of the verse I have on my bible, and the translation in English I found on the web... I'm surprise, and I don't wan't to point to a mistake, because there are no mistake, only the Lord whispering us his code, but are we on the same Verse ? I have a doubt regarding my own work, now... ^^'

Never the less, the picture is very interesting, a perfect illustration of the Horn...

Dina said...

Tsuki, from what I can see on your post, we are "on the same page."

I usually go with Rabbi Segal's translation because he knows the Hebrew so well. He has lots of notes of analysis on each psalm.
He says the last verse 11 can be understood as either God or man speaking.

'Tsuki said...

Thanks for your answer.

I won't cease to bu stunned by the translation problem our babel tower days created... I try already to see movies, animes or TV show in their original version, because french translations are so bias, but now, I discover that there is a big difference between translations of the bible...

I guess now I HAVE to learn Hebrew.


This translation of the book is very precious to me, thank you ! :)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful piece of art. Great reminder, that it is the inside that counts.

Thank you very much for your kind participation. Please have a good start into the new week.

Petrea Burchard said...

You always find such interesting pictures to illustrate the psalms. This sculpture is lovely.

Sara said...

What an interesting angel sculpture, especially in contrast to those mannikins in the windows.

Joan Elizabeth said...

This translation is fascinating and the image you have selected such a great match. What a pleasure to visit and see your perspective on the Psalm.