Friday, February 15, 2013

Paradise of books and trees


In  winter season Israel's trees are either green (those who do not shed leaves) or they are bare (like the fig) or they have no leaves but are in glorious full blossom (like the almond is now).

 Many decorative cardboard trees mimicked Nature's situation at this week's 26th Jerusalem International Book Fair. 
It was pleasant to be browsing books beneath a variety of trees. 

Some bare trees even sprouted WORDS! 


VP said...

Just a memento that they still cut trees to print books?

Dina said...

VP, oi, I failed to make that connection (fortunately).

Hels said...

I adore book events, although I have never been to the Jerusalem International Book Fair.

It is interesting that the event is scheduled in mid winter, presumably so that people won't be diverted from reading by swimming, summer parties and having a good time.

crystal said...

Maybe kindles will save the trees :)

JM said...

This looks great but VP a point. By the way I love Taschen.

Anonymous said...

A place close of being paradise.

Kay said...

The bare trees have a unique, graceful beauty all their own.