Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Running" without impact


"Want to try the ElliptiGO?" the nice young man asked.
"Uhh, I'd rather just take pictures, like with YOU on it," I answered.
I had never even seen these things! 
So ta-da!  here is Tzion Gidoni demonstrating the "run without impact" principle of ElliptiGo.

You can make it stationary like the one on the right and exercise at home.
But the best, Tzion said, is to take it out on a trail or the street.
Their Facebook page calls it an outdoor cross trainer.
Videos of the thing in action are at the ElliptiGo  American website and at the Israeli website.
Are you familiar with this "bike" with no seat in your country? 
Friday is the big Jerusalem Marathon.
Today, yesterday, and tomorrow is the Jerusalem Marathon Expo at Binyanei HaUma Conference Center, which is where I saw the ElliptiGO and lots more stuff for runners.

More power to them!   I am glad just to be able to walk long distances.


Spiderdama said...

Looks very cool, but my knees can not stand to ride.

richies said...

I've never seen anything like this. Looks kind of interesting.
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Cloudia said...

Gotta check that out!

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Kay said...

Gracious! I've never seen anything like that. That's very interesting! I wonder if we'll see it in Hawaii.

Sara said...

I imagine that would be quite a workout. Not only do you walk, but you have to keep your balance and steer at the same time!

VP said...

I am literally speechless...

crystal said...

The video makes it look like fun, but probably pretty expensive - I'll have to stick with low-tech walking, I guess :)