Monday, February 11, 2013

Shalom, Pope Benedict, thanks for your visit to Israel


So! Pope Benedict XVI is leaving the Chair of Peter!

Here in my photo he is leaving the gold and red chair on stage after celebrating an outdoor  Mass in Jerusalem's Kidron Valley.
That was is 2009.
It took me five blog posts to show you all the interesting things from that once-in-a-lifetime happening.
Tonight the Franciscan Media Center in Jerusalem released a very moving short video of the Pope's historic visit to Israel (and other places), together with his reading of his letter of resignation before the Cardinals.
In several versions of the video, his Latin is translated on screen:
 to English here and to Italian here,  while French is here.
(Linked to Our World Tuesday.)


Gary said...

Great post!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

eileeninmd said...

Cool post! The Pope attracts a lot of crowds. People really want to see or meet him. Have a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Certainly a mile stone in history. Remains interesting who will follow. Please have a good Tuesday.

crystal said...

Good post and links. I can't say I'll miss him - hope someone more copesetic takes his place.

Kay said...

Oh good gosh! That's incredible! He's resigning? I've not heard a word of it. He's had to answer to quite a few scandals and I can see why it must have been exhausting.

cieldequimper said...

Came as quite a surprise yesterday...

Fun60 said...

It was a shock to hear of his retirement. Hopefully they will select someone with a little more youth on his side and who is free from scandal.

Hels said...

I had been so anxious before Benedict became pope. His childhood in the Hitler Youth was not a good omen.

As it turned out, he appeared to be a very good friend of Israel and of peace for Jews everywhere. I hope he has a healthy, peaceful retirement.

Jackie said...

I was really surprised to hear he was stepping down. It's never happened in my life time.

I am not Catholic but from what I hear he was surrounded in controversy.

It will be interesting to see who takes his place!

Great post!

Reader Wil said...

All our newspapers have written the abdication of the pope. It has happened only once before, so it is a remarkable event. Lots of people guess and hope that the next pope will be from Africa.
Great post, Dina!