Sunday, May 26, 2013

Prop up the peace pole

I was glad to find a peace pole at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens.

But unfortunately, it was uprooted, toppled over, lying by the side of the path.
A sign, maybe, that the peace pole is waiting to be replanted.
President Peres was in Jordan today for the World Economic Forum, which was dedicated to breaking the stalemate in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
U.S. Secretary of State Kerry proposed a $4 billion economic plan to boost the Palestinian economy.

Our President Peres said Israelis and Palestinians “must depart from the skepticism that claims that war is inevitable.  War is not inevitable. Peace is inevitable.”
More about world peace poles, begun in 1955:


Petrea Burchard said...

"Peace is inevitable." I like that.

Hels said...

Do you think the flattened peace pole is a metaphor for current middle east peace negotiations? Perhaps the pole simply wasn't given solid enough foundations (to keep the metaphor going).

Birdman said...

Givin' PEACE a chance, I guess.

VP said...

Oh yes, but the only way for peace is the one of Caesar: if you want peace be ready to war!

Karl Demetz said...

More peace poles, please... and more peace.

Marleen said...

I have never heard of a peace pole before. It sounds like a great iniative.

Spiderdama said...

Like it to be inevitable!