Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Citadel, doves, and the Pope


While spending Thursday, which was our International Museum Day, at the Tower of David, I noticed that birds feel very safe inside the courtyard.
The Citadel, protected by  ancient walls and a dry moat, is like the Garden of Eden for them, especially since-- unlike anywhere else in Israel-- I didn't see one single cat roaming around.

This pigeon is a good example.
I took five shots of it, each time moving a step closer, and still it did not fly away. 
No fear.

On a stone near the Garden of Herbs,

both a sparrow and a dove were busy preening.
You can see their ruffled feathers if you enlarge the photo.
But the very best dove pictures of the week come from the Vatican!
Papa Francesco was doing a tour of St. Peter's Square in the Popemobile, blessing the cheering crowd when someone sent over a bird cage to him.
The Pope just opened the cage, pulled out the white doves, and launched them (even though the second one sat on his hand and didn't want to leave).
You will enjoy the little video.
Happy Pentecost to all the Catholics and Protestants who celebrate it tonight and tomorrow!
(A post for Camera Critters meme.)


Nadege said...

I loved the video. Birds are beautiful and should never be put in cages. It is bad luck to do so!

crystal said...

The pope and the doves :) I hope they're able to make it on their own - that last one seemed to want to stay.

A Creative Harbor said...

Wow! Such history in your photos and the everyday sacred of a pigeon ~ Wonderful post ^_^

Petrea Burchard said...

I love how you framed that top pigeon shot, Dina.

Sara said...

What beautiful feathers on that preening dove. It took me a moment to find the little sparrow.

Gunn said...

And what a nice bench.
One for VP in Livorno?

DawnTreader said...

Nice photo with the dove in the foreground and the city in the background.

Hels said...

International Museum Day at the Tower of David. What could be better!

spacedlaw said...

Cute anecdote.


Wonderful overlooking sceneries. Very nice photographs.

VP said...

Love the bench... Outside of symbolism, doves are only anther kind of pigeons and I do not like the pests!

cieldequimper said...

I was wondering if it was safe to say something about pigeons and now that VP has commented, I feel good! :-)

I for one love the view (minus the fearless p.)

Reader Wil said...

Lovely post, Dina! The doves are beautiful and they are a symbol of peace. Good on the pope to release these birds. Hopefully there will soon be peace.
I remember the place where we had lunch. We celebrated your becoming a citizen of the State of Israel. I forget how you call this. But it is important of course.
Have a great week, Dina !

Dina said...

Ciel, yes, I put in the bench so VP would not be too mad about the pigeons in this post. LOL

Wil, ah yes, it must have been the 44th anniversary of my aliyah to Israel. 1968 was a good year, when the world was young (and me too).

Spiderdama said...

Great bird pictures Dina. I love that first one:-)