Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stumbling upon the Government Printer


After finding the nice new health clinic (the one in the previous post), I decided to explore a few unfamiliar streets of the Jerusalem neighborhood and see what else I could discover.
Hmm, interesting old machines lined up in there.
I stuck my camera through the locked gate and snapped a quick pic before the security guard could get worried.
Hmm, might be old printing press equipment. 

Sure enough!   There was the sign saying     המדפיס הממשלתי‎.
HaMadpis HaMemshalti  means the Government Printer. 

Part of the Ministry of Finance, the unit has been providing  printing services to governmental institutions since the beginning of the State of Israel.
The Government Printer is also in charge of the printing of identity cards and passports, national final exams for schools, stamps, governmental reports, state laws, etc.

In a short video of their operations you can see how far the equipment has advanced from  the old metal presses in the front yard.

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VP said...

No printers of shekels around?

Dina said...

VP, I did post about the new 20 shekel note here:

Strange, I can't find an Israeli website that talks about where our money is made.
A foreign site says this:

"The currency is not produced in Israel, as the country has no mint. Currently, the coins are minted at Korea Minting & Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO), the banknote and coin producer of South Korea, while the banknotes are produced by Orell Füssli of Zurich, Switzerland."