Monday, July 8, 2013

Devouring Nature


While on a bus trip from Jerusalem to Beersheba today  I saw  the massive Highway One upgrade underway.
It was my first time to see it and I was shocked.

The 2.5 billion shekel project is supposed to improve safety and journey time between Sha'ar Hagai (Bab el Wad) and the entrance to Jerusalem.
But meanwhile  huge machines are destroying the forest and tearing apart the mountain on the south side and are destroying  nature in the valley on the north side.

To learn about the grandiose plans read this article.
This will go on for YEARS. 

Drivers are asked to use alternate routes, but the people  who live along the way and have no choice but to exit onto Highway One are suffering from the disruption and congestion.
It is our major Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway (and to points beyond as well). 
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Hels said...

I don't mind the drivers suffering as much as I mind the forest being destroyed. Israel is desperately short of trees already :( And water :(

Nadege said...

I hate to see nature destroyed but sometimes it is necessary, particularly to alleviate traffic, shortening distances and making roads safer...

Suzanne said...

Oh dear! When will all this end?

Fun60 said...

How sad that forests have to be destroyed to save people time whilst travelling.

Gary said...

Highways for trees? No,no. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

VP said...

Why everybody is so anxious to go back to the stone age?

Kay said...

I'm sorry, Dina. It's always sad when nature has to give way to "progress."

Spiderdama said...

Really bad! Hate to see nature being destroyed that way.

Reader Wil said...

Here in my little country the same is happening. Woods have to make place for the infra structure.
Another thing is our dikes. They have to be strengthened and therefore some really beautiful old and characteristic houses have to be destroyed.I hate to see it, but we depend on strong dikes.