Friday, May 2, 2014

Flowers and fruit


Coming back on one of the last*  buses at Friday noon, I saw this man had set up a little roadside stand in the first bus stop at the entrance to Meitar.
A bunch of flowers, a little box of  strawberries or shesek (loquats) would be a nice extra touch to bring home to the family for Erev Shabbat.
I hope some drivers stopped, bought, and brought.
*Public transportation stops running from early Friday afternoon and starts again on Sunday morning.   Stores close during these times too.
Shabbat shalom.  Wishing you peace and rest on the Sabbath.
BTW, the post on the right has an LED display of when the next two buses will arrive (in real time).   It is powered by the solar panel on top. 


yael said...

shabat shalom,
it is so green around the desert bus station.

Dina said...

Yael, the green behind the bushes is a planted farm field. And Meitar itself is well landscaped, having even some patches of grass.

Adullamite said...

Wishing you peace and rest on the Sabbath.

William Kendall said...

Panels like that would be useful here- in real time. Buses here are almost routinely late.

retriever said...

Here in Belgium, also times stawberry, buy also along the road, producted in Wépion

Have a nice weekend Dina.

Hels said...

If I am going to other peoples' homes for a shabbat meal, they probably don't need big presents that will sit forever in their cupboards. So there is nothing nicer than fresh flowers or delicious fruits.

I hope the chap in your photograph did very well!

VP said...

I love strawberries...

Kay said...

Shabbat shalom to you, Dina. Flowers, strawberries and loquats sound wonderful though I've never had loquats before. I'm wondering if they're sweet. I remember seeing them in China.

crystal said...

It's strawberry time here too and I have a loquat plant in my yard - yum :) The bus stop looks so pleasant with the green and the palm trees.