Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jerusalem Day


Happy Jerusalem Day!

Here is the view from the roof of the Cenacle on Mt. Zion.
This is the Upper Room where only yesterday Pope Francis celebrated Mass and then headed for the airport and back to Rome.

On the ground floor, exactly under  the domed Room of the Last Supper, is the traditional tomb of King David where Jews worship.
At some stage the place also became a mosque, to complicate matters further.
Its minaret is on the left of the photo, towering over a nun in blue.

The big church is the Dormition Abbey; its bell tower is seen in the center.
Click on the labels below this post for more about these important Jerusalem holy sites.
(The towers are for ABC Wednesday.)


William Kendall said...

A magnificent shot!

Hels said...

The day is also marked in the Jewish schools in Australia and probably around the world. A day of prayer and thanks, but a time to be happy as well.

Roger Owen Green said...

very TIMELY!
ROG, ABC Wednesday

Cloudia said...

Happy Jerusalem Day! Let's keep hoping

ALOHA from Honolulu

Malyss said...

I've seen the Pope on tv.Your picture is wonderful !

Kay said...

Happy Jerusalem Day, Dina! These photos are very beautiful.

Cristina Pop said...

What a great shot!

Karl Demetz said...

Happy Jerusalem Day, Dina!

Joy said...

The bell tower looks as though it would be an excellent vantage point for views of Jerusalem.