Monday, June 29, 2015

Art in ruins


Let's peek in and see what's behind that enticing sign that warns "Caution, abandoned and shut up building."

Lots of buildings in the older neighborhoods of Tel Aviv are now roofless and have their windows blocked up.

Ah, but the mural artist Dede (whose two-headed animals we saw in last week's post)
has given life to the crumbling wall!

The walls have ears (as the old saying goes), but now they have eyes too.
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biebkriebels said...

Very nice you found them, not easy to paint up there.

Gerard Michaud said...

Love the photo.I like this artist.

VP said...

A couple of construction workers would probably give to those walls a more lasting life...

Indrani said...

Sad to see such ruins! Wonder what tales they have!

Hels said...

Do the signs say Caution, Abandoned and Shut Up Buildings because they are renovating large parts of Tel Aviv?

William Kendall said...

Very creative. I wonder if anything can be done with these buildings.

Dina said...

Friends, I am no expert on Tel Aviv. I did hear once that if there is no more roof on an old building, the owners don't have to pay yearly property tax. That may explain why I saw so many roofless houses in Tel Aviv.
The area the murals (in my two posts) are in is Neve Zedek. This may answer some of your questions:

"One of the most beautiful areas in Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek is not only the city's oldest neighborhood (built in 1887), today it is also one of the trendiest (and priciest). With many buildings renovated in keeping with the original architectural style of the area, the beautiful mix of classic-quaint with modern design has made the small enclave a major draw for artists and the bourgeoisie, who live side by side with the working-class residents who’ve been here since day one. Aside from the quality boutiques and restaurants dotting the main thoroughfare, Shabazi Street, there are quite a few cultural establishments and sites worth checking out, the newest one being the recently renovated train station complex, HaTachana."

And here are some prices from a May 2013 article:
"May 2013:
One of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighbourhoods, Neve Tzedek, was built just outside of Jaffa’s walls around the turn of the 20th Century and is today a trendy and desirable neighbourhood known for its sandstone buildings. “Locally referred to as ‘The Red City’, the area has a colourful, eclectic design and historic buildings that made it attractive for preservation,” Cohen said. Many younger Tel Avivians live in central and south Tel Aviv, close to the bars, restaurants, beaches and cafes, and both developers and buyers are looking for older houses and apartments in central Tel Aviv to renovate. The area around the Jaffa Port, with its many art galleries and new food market, has become increasingly popular over the last five years.
A central Tel Aviv two-bedroom flat sells for around 2.1 million shekels and rents for around 6,000 to 8,000 shekels a month. In Neve Tzedek, a two-bedroom flat costs around 3.5 million shekels and rents for between 6,000 and 9,000 shekels a month. Around the Jaffa Port market, a similar apartment costs anywhere from 1.8 to three million shekels and rents for around 4,000 to 5,000 shekels a month.
Here too is a nice one about the revival of Neve Zedek:

Chandra Eswaran said...

I am happy to see the revival of the crumbling wall/building by a mural artist - that's really nice!

Have a Wonderful Day!
Peace :)

Cloudia said...

Buildings, a city, to dream on, Dina.



Gunn said...

My favourite image is number two today:)

Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

We just visited Israel as part of a cruise this spring, I am looking forward to following your posts now that I've seen a tiny slice of the pie.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

The eyes add a lively dimension to the otherwise sad state of the building. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

Petrea Burchard said...

What a lovely old structure. I can see why it would attract investors.

Kay said...

Oh my... That looks rather...... ummm..... different.

Lesley said...

The sign warning that this is an abandonned building seems a tad unnecessary!

Taken For Granted said...

Your shot with both eyes makes the old building look very much like a face. Good one.

José Mendonça said...

Dede did a great job. The building looks fantastic now.