Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New bridge in Beer Sheva


Just my luck that when I wanted to take the train from Beer Sheva to Tel Aviv last Friday, that line was closed for the weekend.
The reason: two huge cranes were maneuvering a new bridge into place above the railroad tracks at the Beer Sheva North/University station. 

In this shot from the bus taken today you can see the whole length of the pedestrian bridge, which will allow access to the new high-tech business park being constructed north of the station.

It will look nice once they take down the construction hording and fix up the base.
And I made it to Tel Aviv on the bus in only an hour and twenty minutes on Friday afternoon, before Shabbat, when buses and trains stop running until the end of the Sabbath on Saturday night.
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crystal said...

How interesting - they are putting the bridge in place already fully made? It looks very modern.

Gerard Michaud said...

Nice photos. Dina
The bridge will look nice when they finish building it.

William Kendall said...

It reminds me a bit of the style of a bridge here.

Hels said...

I remember Beer Sheba from decades ago. It was a small town back then.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

It's amazing how huge bridges get put in place. Huge buildings, too. To think like the engineers who figure out these things. Best wishes to you.
Take 25 to Hollister

Dina said...

Hels, yes, Beer Sheva is growing by leaps and bounds lately, especially with their dynamic young mayor. You should come down here next time you're in Israel.

Crystal, I have been watching them assemble parts of the bridge on the ground for months (every time my bus passes by the train station). I'm assuming the same was done on the other side of the tracks and then the two halves were joined while suspended in the air, held by the two huge cranes.

The pedestrian bridge will allow access to the new high-tech business park being constructed north of the station.

VP said...

I like that bridge an it will be an interesting place to take some pictures...

Birdman said...

Was it cheaper by bus? Cranes signal progress and a moving economy to me... in most cases.

Dina said...

Birdman, yep, sometimes I think there are more cranes than trees in this country.
Yes, the bus WAS cheaper, only 8.90 shekels ($2.37); the Beer Sheva to Tel Aviv train costs 15.50 ($4.12). Both of these prices are half-price, which us oldies are entitled to.