Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happening now: Tel Aviv's White Night


The man sleeping on this bench won't be getting much sleep tonight.
Tel Aviv is having its annual White Night with dozens of free outdoor and indoor  music and cultural events going on till morning.
UNESCO proclaimed Tel Aviv's White City a World Cultural Heritage site in 2003, and since then the White Night has happened every last Thursday of June.
In the White City district there will be decorative illumination of Bauhaus buildings, which is what the world recognition is all about. 
This year's White Night events are a tribute to European culture and are being held in cooperation with the European Union and its member states, featuring artists and chefs from Europe. 
See Ynetnews for a list of the activities.

I'm back home in Meitar, getting a good night's sleep here in the quiet Negev desert.  :)


anumorchy said...

In the afternoon I participated a tour in Sarona area In middle of Tel Aviv and there was a lot of preparation and stages waiting for this happening.

William Kendall said...

We have a similar night, only with the French version of the term, Nuit Blanche, in the fall.

Hels said...

I may have mentioned it but Bauhaus is my absolutely favourite school of design in all of history! In Germany of course, but then to all the other countries it was imported to. Particularly Israel. Many Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv were destroyed before any heritage protection was given to the city. But there are still thousands left, so I have made it my goal to visit each one of them individually.

VP said...

I simply hate these things: a lot of drunks, chaos and noise. At least here...

Gerard Michaud said...

Love your photos

Kay said...

So you have the homeless in Israel too?

By the way, did you see my post about Louis Armstrong?

I thought it might interest you.