Monday, February 8, 2016

Remembering Hong Kong on Chinese New Year Day


Happy Year of the Monkey!
In honor of Chinese New Year today,  I'm pulling up the only photos I have of China and remembering a pleasant 6-hour wait in Hong Kong Airport last August.
After a 12-hour flight from Tel Aviv, the coffee was a necessity and the young people making it were lively and friendly.

Plenty of planes of many colors to watch on the busy tarmac.

Signs on the moving walkway ask you to pay attention to children and old folks while walking, and not have your eyes glued on the cell phone. 

Hong Kong International Airport is big and bright with free wifi and free computers all over.

I found this interesting, both the instructions and the language.
Click and enlarge if you'd like to read about a multi-faith prayer room.

Finally it was goodbye to Hong Kong, and another long flight down to Australia.

Happiness, good luck, and prosperity to you in the Year of the Monkey!
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Gosia k said...

I hope it going to be a great year

William Kendall said...

Only in airport terminals will you find moving walkways. That last shot's a stunner!

Cloudia said...

I am wishing you a good year ahead!

Klara said...

you made the best of your 6 hour waiting at the airport - attentively observing the life around you.

cieldequimper said...

If only multifaith would really work...