Friday, February 26, 2016

Tell A Fairy Tale Day


Tell A Fairy Tale Day is being celebrated today!

What better time than now to tell you about a unique experience I enjoyed while staying with the Franziskusgemeinschaft in Austria last November.
The community invited Eva Meierhofer, a professional storyteller, for an evening of fairy tales!

Eva came with a thick book of  "the world's most beautiful fairy tales."

Also a strange little book, "Tales of Idiots, Poor, Beggars, Jews, and Gypsies."

Since I didn't understand all that much of the German, I could concentrate on Eva's pointy shoes and special umbrella.

The Feenhaar, literally fairy hair, played with a bow, gave ethereal music.
I think it is also called a psalter.

You can hear a sample of its music and see beautiful photos of how the instruments are made in Switzerland here:

All the members of the Franciscan farming community gave it a try.
It was really a magical evening in rural Austria.
You can look for Eva Meierhofer on Facebook and see more of her special work.


cieldequimper said...

I think that having a fairytale day is brilliant.

Gosia k said...

memmry of childhhod the best one

William Kendall said...

It sounds like fun!

Cloudia said...

Fairy Tales shout the inner life of the people who tell them. . . . The magic of the night leaked into this post. I am feeling it now, Dina <3 Shabbat Shalom

Kay said...

This looks like so much fun, but I think I would be frustrated if I didn't understand everything.

Hels said...

Ephraim Moses Lilien!! Very cool image on the cover of what sounds like a dodgy book.

Jackie @ travelnwrite said...

Oh I love the idea of having a Fairy Tale Day - seems of late the world news has been so depressing that I'd love to immerse myself in a happy-ending fairy tale!