Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Palm Sunday post (sort of)


Now that I live in the desert in southern Israel, away from Jerusalem, it is hard to get fresh Christian photos for the blog.
So last October when I sighted this cute children's book, The Story of Easter, in a church in rural Austria, I knew it would be the blog post for Palm Sunday!

The kids' books were in the basket in back of the pews.
I guess to keep little ones busy in case they are brought to Mass.

I also got a kick out of the congregation's German songbook, Singe Jerusalem.
And that's in addition to their grey Gotteslob prayerbooks. 

The Roman Catholic parish church of the little Austrian town Pinkafeld was built in 1774 in Late Baroque style.

Happy Palm Sunday to all the Christian friends out there! 

(To see Jerusalem Palm Sunday blog photos, please click here and here.)


Come Away With Me said...

The colorfulness of the song book covers and of the bookmark ribbons in the gray books is very pleasing to the eye, as is the beautiful interior of that church.

Gosia k said...

lovely church and interesting book

Alice said...

I loved the photo of the church and the book cover is different .

William Kendall said...

What a beautiful church, inside and out!

VP said...

I really like that church!

crystal said...

I really like those baroque and rococo churches of Austria, especially the interiors. Happy Palm Sunday, Dina :)

Dina said...

Crystal, thanks for your wishes but remember, being Jewish I don't "do" Palm Sunday. :) I do like to post holiday things for the blog's many Christian readers, however.

crystal said...

I know :)

crystal said...

Oh, just occurred to me - I hope it wasn't offensive to wish you happy Palm Sunday. It was just a way of saying hi and thanks for your many Christian posts :)

Dina said...

Hi Crystal, no problem, hehe. I just wanted to make it clear to new or infrequent readers.

Reader Wil said...

Dear Dina, thank you for your post about Palm Sunday! Our minister was not able to lead the service, but she had an excellent substitude. She compared the climb of Jesus to the hills of Jerusalem with the ride of king David who had to flee from his son Absalom. Both events caused a lot of emotions.
Today is the day of the death of Jesus by crucifixion.
I wish you Sabbath Shalom!