Friday, March 4, 2016

Never climb THIS tree


Meitar has several of these spiky trees and they are the strangest trees in town.
Please enlarge the photo to see just how pointy those pointy things are. 

Look at those big "cotton" balls!

The other side still has mostly the green pods.
By August big yellow flowers will suddenly be here.
And here is a picture of the trees in late March, at the center of a roundabout.

Readers advised me that this is the silk floss tree (Ceiba speciosa), a.k.a. palo borracho, Spanish for "drunken stick."


William Kendall said...

Drunken stick? It's an interesting tree- as forbidding as the close details look!

Alice said...

Love the photos Dina. What happens to the cotton balls?

Hels said...

Silk floss and cotton balls? I am with Alice... where textiles ever made from these tree-products?

Kay said...

I wonder if those cotton balls can be used for something.

Come Away With Me said...

It seems that Israel and Southern California often share the same odd looking plant life. It's that Mediterranean climate I guess. When I first learned the name of these thorny specimens I was surprised they have such a soft and smooth name as "Silk Floss Tree." It seems counter intuitive. But "drunken stick" is even more interesting!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Well I looked back at your first shot of this tree Dina and I reckon if Jose says it is a Silk floss tree then that's what it is, he knows his plants :) Goodness it looks incredible when in flower.

cieldequimper said...

Okay, I won't climb. Not that I climb trees very often... :-) It's lovely!

VP said...

Never seen a tree like this!

Tony McGurk said...

Well I must say that is one of the strangest looking trees I've ever seen Dina. The Cotton Ball flowers look stunningly beautiful.