Thursday, March 17, 2016

For Submarine Day, an Australian sub


In honor of Submarine Day  let's look at the HMAS Onslow.

The submarine is now part of Australia's National Maritime Museum.

The sub has a lovely view of Sydney.

The Onslow was built in Scotland, commissioned in 1969, and saw service until 1999.
I was brave and went inside, walking mostly alone all along its almost 300 foot length.
In the next days I can show you the claustrophobic quarters.
You can read about some tragic and strange incidents in this submarine's history.


  1. That's the sort of thing that would fascinate me!

  2. You were very brave! There is no way I would go into a hermetically sealed coffin that lives deep underwater for most of its active life.

    Agreed about the great view of Sydney.

  3. You were brave Dina! I have seen it when we make our annual trips to see family in Sydney but there is noooo way I could go below deck. Looking forward to seeing your adventures :)

  4. I visited a couple of submarines, but I didn't like the inside...

  5. Seems it would be very claustrophobic. I look forward to seeing the inside. I think I do, anyway.

  6. Submarine Day? Why not? For Pi Day, our nephew brought over a pie for us. Hmmmm... He should have brought over a submarine sandwich for us today, hunh?


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