Saturday, March 18, 2017

Jojoba "oil" -- another kibbutz breakthrough


In the basket are bottles of 100% pure natural jojoba oil, which apparently does wonders on the skin and hair.
I'm sorry now that I didn't splurge and buy some when our group toured Kibbutz Hatzerim.

The kibbutz grows the bushes, harvests the beans you see above, cold mills them and makes the oil, which is really a liquid wax.
They presently make 1/3 of the world's production of jojoba oil.
Most is exported to big cosmetics manufacturers,  but the kibbutz keeps a little to sell on the premises and online.

The kibbutz cultivates thousands of dunams of jojoba, and the area is set to expand.
(The dunam has been standardized in modern times to mean 1,000 square meters, but in Ottoman Turkish times the word dunam meant "the amount of land that could be plowed by a team of oxen in one day.")

Weeds are not a problem in the plantation because there is so little rain here in the Negev desert.
No herbicides are used.
Drip irrigation lines are buried 12-15 cm below the surface; each bush has its own dripper, invented and produced by Kibbutz Hatzerim, so it gets only the water it needs, directly to its roots.
It is computerized so each plant gets individual attention.

Rows are four meters apart.
At harvest season in the autumn a tractor goes down the row, its silicon arms shaking the bush until the seeds fall (although most of them fall naturally when fully mature).
Then with big brushes made in nearby Kibbutz Ruhama's brush factory, the jojoba beans are swept up.
Our kibbutz guide said they harvest ten tons per day.
Processing is then done inside the kibbutz with cold milling, much like in olive pressing.

Pollination is by wind only.
At Hatzerim 50 female plants need only ONE male, whereas in the world it is more like only 8 or 10 that are pollinated by one male.

To learn more about this interesting plant and the Jojoba Israel company, see their website (in several languages).
In Israel we pronounce it  kho-KHO-va.    And you?
Here is a 4-minute video about how the kibbutz dealt with the 2014 conflict with Gaza, and it shows jojobas damaged by many incoming rockets.
UPDATE: This is really interesting! --

 Re-use of Jojoba Pulp - During the process of manufacturing the oil, pulp is created from the jojoba seeds.  This pulp has many features needed for the production of cosmetic products; however, we also use it to fertilize the jojoba fields.  As a dry material, the pulp can absorb liquid up to 10 times its volume.  The kibbutz members take advantage of this feature and spread the pulp in the  kibbutz’s cowsheds.  The pulp absorbs the cows’ secretions and after proper processing, the pulp-enriched cow waste is reused to fertilize the jojoba fields! 
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Melody Steenkamp said...

I don't know either, never tried it...

Wonderful photo's Dina... very impressive surroundings.

Have a nice ABC-day / -week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

Karl Demetz said...

I've learned something new today, thank you, Dina !

William Kendall said...

I can't recall ever hearing of jojoba before.

Hels said...

What does jojoba do for the hair and skin?

Dina said...

Friends, your comments are interesting. I think we will all be hearing more about jojoba in coming years and decades; the industry at Kibbutz Hatzerim is expanding all the time.

Hels, these uses have been noted:

"Try a few drops of jojoba oil for:
eye and face make up remover
facial cleanser and moisturiser, and body moisturiser
bath oil
carrier oil for massage
foot and hand softener
hair conditioner
lip balm
cuticle oil
shaving preparation and aftershave
jojoba oil is even sensitive enough to use on baby's skin!"

Roger Owen Green said...

I had NEVER heard of this item! Interesting.

Alice said...

A very interesting blog Dina .I am going to look for it next time I go to town. There is a Natural Heath store in the next town over .

Klara S said...

It is very interesting article! Dina, you had a chance to buy 100% jojoba oil almost from fields! And you didn't take it! It DOES wonders to skin and hair. It is fantastic especially for dry skin, it gives a lot of nutritions and vitamins to it. It regenarates the skin or hair. It's in cosmetics, but concentration is much lower...

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderfully informative post about jojoba oil ~ great product and great photos ~ thanks,

Wishing you a Lovely Week ahead ~ ^_^

Kate said...

I think you inspired me to try to find the product and use it.

Dr. Mooney said...

I've enjoyed your blog for years! Will try the oil if I can find it. Dr. Tim Mooney from Marietta Georgia.