Thursday, December 7, 2017

A message from the Mosque of Omar


In Jerusalem's Old City last week I peeked through the locked gate of the Mosque of Omar and was surprised to see this sign in the courtyard. 
It is apparently sura 3:51 of the Quran which quotes none other than Jesus! 
The banner says
[in Arabic:] There is no god but Allah. 
"Jesus Said:
'I am indeed a slave of Allah,
Allah is my Lord and your Lord,
so worship Him Alone.' "

The mosque, with its tall minaret, is right across the lane from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  
I wonder how many Christian pilgrims on their way to the church  pause a second to look at the mosque and at the unexpected message on its wall. 

The Mosque of Omar, built in the 1460s, has a fascinating story in itself.
You are welcome to read about it in two of my earlier posts
Tomorrow is Friday, the Muslim holy day, and al Aksa mosque will be packed.  After the prayers big protests are expected against Trump's declaration on Jerusalem.  Palestinian officials have called for "days of rage."  Let's hope and/or pray that no one loses his life. 
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Ida said...

Sorry if I disappoint you but Jesus never said he would be a slave to Allah. He said: "I and the Father are one. He who has seen me has seen the Father"; The God of Abraham, Isac and Jacob. But I'm not surprised if the Quran declares something in direct opposition to Christian faith. It would not be Islam if it didn´t.

Kay said...

That sign is amazing!

Sigh... another of Trump’s craziness!!! It wears me out to watch or listen to the news and hear one more idiotic thing about him.

Cloudia said...

Safe Shabbos

Hels said...

That minaret is VERY tall, and very impressive. I assume the meuzzin has to climb so high in order that the faithful will hear his call to prayer, wherever they are across the city.

Sandi said...

Dina, what do you think of the embassy move? When I heard it announced I was proud. Some of the other presidents said they would do it, but then did not for a variety of reasons. Trump is the first one to follow through. But I am wondering how it looks to Israelis.

The verse is very interesting. I got a Christmas card one year with a verse about Jesus from the Koran. It was nice. But there are some differences. The verse you mentioned seems to me to deny the divinity of Jesus. I like that someone thought to put it up and they probably only wanted to celebrate the season, but to my mind the two faiths see Him very differently.

Tom said...

...we all have different view points and that's a good thing.

Alice said...

Be safe Dina. My prayer is for world peace.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Dina stay safe.. I think apart from when he's eating hamburgers #45 should keep his mouth shut 😀 Please take care ✨

Bill Nicholls said...

Does Trump know what he is doing, I fear your city is in for some rough times

Jim said...

We need more unity

William Kendall said...

An impressive mosque.