Monday, December 25, 2017

Correction! -- The REAL conservator appears!


Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it today!
(I couldn't find a decorated indoor tree in the Negev to post, so this one up in our Meitar Forest will have to do. )

Being Jewish I don't do Christmas, but I DID get a present just now in the form of an unexpected comment.
Jerusalem Hills Daily Photo blog is honored and surprised to hear from Georgios, the actual restorer from Golgotha in the Holy Sepulchre!
He wrote
Dear Dina . My name is Georgios and i am the man in the foto. I am Greek and i was working in the conservation of the wall paintings in Greekorthodox chapel in Golgotha. We were 3 professional conservators from Greece and we restored and cleaned the wallpaintings ,the icons and the Jesus on the Cross. It was an unbeliavable and fansinating experience. Thank you for your fotos.

This is the man in my recent blog post title Overhead Work in the Holy Sepulchre.
If you missed it, please take a look now at the four photos of Georgios at work.

After trying to find information online about the conservation work, I confess that I  assumed him to be a different expert, and thus made a big mistake in that post.   :(
My apologies to all!  That will teach me to be more careful in reporting and to "assume" nothing.

Shalom dear Georgios,
Thank you so much for miraculously showing up here in the blog on (new calendar) Christmas Day!  Thanks for your graciousness in forgiving my case of mistaken identity.  And thank you for sharing with us how it felt to give your help to such a holy place as the Holy Sepulchre.
I wish I could have talked with you; I was so moved watching you work.  God bless you for your loving contribution to Golgotha.
May you have a blessed Christmas season.
With much respect,


  1. Dear Dina thank you for your new post.It is very important for us that people like our job. The work in Golgotha it was vey dificult but the final result was amazing. You must visit the Golgotha again to see the wall paintings restored and cleaned .My partners ,Aris and Thomas and I ,thank you again for your post wich provide our work.If you want write your email to send ypu some fotos for your blog. Μy best regards Georgios

  2. Thanks for your words, Georgios! That would be great to receive your photos of your work. But please, could you send me your email address here in a comment? I use comment moderation on the blog. That means only I can see your contact information and I promise not to publish it. OK?

  3. Wonderful connection! Thanks to both of you, Dina and Georgios, for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful 'part 2' to this story. And how nice to be introduced to the trio of Greek men in charge of such an important task.

  5. I loved both of the blogs Dina, Thankyou

  6. That is so awesome that he saw your post and wrote to you. Indeed, that was a lovely Christmas present to you. I loved the letter you wrote back to him too.


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