Friday, December 1, 2017

Homemade gifts--but with a difference!

City Daily Photo bloggers have as our December 1st theme the idea of gifts.

Lucky me--my sweet daughter recently came up to Israel from down in Australia for a short visit.
And she came bearing gifts. 
I was excited to see for the first time the fruits of her labor, her artistic ideas made into physical objects on her new laser engraving and cutting machine!
Like the replica of the Golden Record that was sent into space 40 years ago. (If you're too young to remember the launch of NASA's Voyager I and II, Naomi wrote about the record on her website.)

Another gift I love is Naomi's pleasant-to-the-touch cork coasters.
As she explains,  "These cork coasters are laser engraved with an image of a labyrinth inspired by the famous Notre-Dame de Chartres Cathedral labyrinth in France. The labyrinth has for centuries attracted people to walk its lines in meditation. Even on this smaller version, running your finger along the lines can bring about calmness and serenity."

These little hearts are really offcuts from the wood and acrylic that Naomi works with.
I gave a few as symbolic gifts to new friends and it really won their heart.

Just for fun take a look at some of Naomi's 90 unusual creations at her online Etsy crafts store called Eclipse9Laser.
You'll even find Tolkien- and space-themed Christmas tree ornaments now!
And more new and unexpected things every week.

As Naomi explains,
"In my previous life I was a university lecturer and researcher in aerospace engineering. I also worked as an engineer for Lockheed and NASA, designing satellite systems. I love all things aerospace, engineering and science.
Now I'm making cool (ok, geeky) laser engraved gifts and items - things that I love and find exciting. I hope you love them too!"


William Kendall said...

I heard about the Golden Record in recent days. I understand it includes Glenn Gould playing Bach.

Jim said...

I like that cork coaster.

Kate said...

I treasure all gifts made and delivered with love; you have an abundance!

Petrea Burchard said...

These are wonderful. I especially love the Golden Record replica!

Kay said...

Naomi has always been so brilliant and creative. Her designs are awesome.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Gosh Naomi is so talented Dina, gifted really 😊 Enjoyed looking at her link, thanks for sharing ✨

Alice said...

Lovely gifts Dina

Sandi said...

I just watched a documentary with my boys yesterday about Voyager and the golden record!

Sandi said...

You were a NASA engineer, Dina?? Wow! How long until we are flying through space like Star Trek? (I am really asking because I am just that nerdy!)

Dina said...

Sandi, no no, that was my daughter, Naomi, that I was quoting. SHE was working at NASA, not me.