Thursday, May 24, 2018

Meitar Night Run is on!


The annual Meitar Night Run is underway!

You can choose either 5K or 10K.
I always choose to stand still and take pictures.  :)

Just as the sun was setting the younger runners ran up and then back down my street.

Here's a brief video so you can hear the fun:

On this cool map you can click the arrow and see the route that goes all around our little town:
And you can play around with the map and see where Meitar is, down here in the Negev desert.


Sandi said...

10K?? I can't even imagine.

William Kendall said...

Good action shots! Our main race weekend is coming up here in a couple of days. It includes the marathon.

Alice said...

I'm with you Dina : )

Cloudia said...

Thank you Dina

Tom said... it a night run so that the temperature is cooler?

Ida said...

I would also choose to stand still and take pictures. :-)