Thursday, May 10, 2018

Our Golan Heights on high alert


Across the Sea of Galilee, the Israeli Golan Heights rises. 

Just a few weeks ago I accompanied two Christian friends from abroad to the holy sites around the lake.
It was peaceful and quiet and the many tourists on the shore were happy. 

East of the Golan, in Syria, Iran has been building up bases from which to attack Israel.
Their first attack came last night with a salvo of 20 missiles fired toward the Golan. 
Needless to say, Israeli responded swiftly. 

I hope you are following the news. 
There are many Israeli online news media sites that have all the details. 
A new phase is starting, and it doesn't look good.

(Linking to SkyWatch Friday.)

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Dina said...

Dear blog-friends, thanks for your prayers, good wishes and your thoughts on this subject.
Excuse me, but just this once I feel like keeping your comments private.