Sunday, May 27, 2018

Moonrise, sunset, colors, silence


The light and colors were beautiful when I went walking just outside of town tonight between 7 and 8 pm! 
I had the whole desert all to myself. 

Meitar Forest is always green. 

The dry season is beginning and all the green grasses have turned golden. 

In the east -- moonrise over Meitar. 

In the west -- sunset. 
And to all a good night. 


William Kendall said...

Beautiful skies in these shots, Dina.

Sara Lorayne said...

Beautiful scenery, and wide open skies. I love the moonrise over Meitar shot. The topography reminds me a lot of Southern California. I wish I had your night skies - surely you can see the stars there?

Sandi said...


Jackie@travelnwrite said...

What a lovely evening. Sometimes the silence of the evening and stroll are all it takes to put a perfect ending on a day!

Infidel753 said...

A lot more greenery and life around there than I'd imagined in the Negev. Thanks for the photos.

Alice said...

A quiet peaceful time to walk and think.

Ida said...


Dina said...

Sara, yes, we see stars. But even with our little community of around 9,000, there is still light pollution. You'd have to walk out into the "desert" to see A LOT of stars. Once for a meteor shower I walked out a bit, alone, but it was kind of scary.

Infidel, actually Meitar is in the geographical zone where the southern Hebron Hills meets the northern Negev. Go south just a little and it looks more like the Negev that you imagine.
It is green around Meitar (founded in 1984) because the Keren Kayemet (Jewish National Fund) planted trees all around in limans and also planted the Meitar Forest.